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A permanent place for gathering and healing allows family and friends to find comfort long after the services are over. Finding the perfect memorial pays tribute to your loved one by creating a space that’s all their own. Whether it’s at a cemetery, mausoleum or cremation garden, it gives everyone a special place to go to remember loved ones for generations to come.

​Cemetery/Memorial Park
Memorials can be personalized and designed by the family to best represent and share the life of their loved one.

An above ground structure that is made to honor the deceased person. Mausoleums are a great way to create a personalized family tribute.

Cremation Garden
A special area within a cemetery for cremated remains to be ceremonially released to the earth with a memorial marker containing the loved one’s name.  

A columbarium is an above ground permanent placement option for cremated remains. Columbariums provide a wide array of options in size, style, and personalization to create a meaningful final resting place for friends and family to gather and visit.

An eco-cemetery, also known as a green cemetery, is becoming a more popular style of interment. Natural burials are the most common type of burial that takes place here, as they are environmentally friendly. 

Monuments for the Final Resting Place
If you desire to build a monument for your loved one, I can help you create a personalized monument for the burial place. Together, we can review your options to find the perfect monument, marker, or headstone for a final resting place.

A Monument for a Home Memorial Garden
Those who have chosen to be cremated sometimes want to have their ashes scattered where they felt most at peace and filled with life. Some choose to be scattered at sea, given to various family members and friends, or even sent up into the skies above.

No matter how they choose to be scattered, family and friends deserve a place close to home to honor and remember a loved one. Many people are choosing to create home memorial gardens – the perfect place to surround their memory with living tributes. Let me help you design the perfect monument to celebrate your loved one and fit your garden space.

A memorial for your loved one’s final resting place is the perfect Final Loving Act to an area dedicated in their memory. Contact me to discuss your memorialization options. 

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