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Prepaid cremation and funeral arrangements.   Emergency Travel Protection. 

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People plan ahead for many different reasons but most do it simply for peace of mind and to protect their family and loved ones. Taking the time to plan ahead and pay for final arrangements not only relieves the financial burden, but it also helps take the stress out of the decision making that comes with planning a final farewell.

“The best preparation for the future is the present well seen to, and the last duty done.”
– George Macdonald

Other Important Reasons People Plan Ahead...

  • Putting your house in order - Making decisions ahead of time leaves the “guess work” out of what you would want.
  • Emotional Overspending and Strife - Spending more to show love or atonement. 
  • Conflict over who will pay for the final bill or how the final bill will be paid.
  • ​Use Today’s Lower Prices and Stop Inflation - Planning and paying ahead LOCKS the price at today's cost FOREVER.
  • ​Custom Affordable Terms - Planning and paying for wishes ahead of time allows for payment options, discounts and monthly investment plans.


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