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According to the National Funeral Directors Association, only 15% of us have done any final affairs planning.  We help the other 85% decide and provide.

At the time of loss, there are dozens of decisions to make, hundreds of questions to answer, and thousands of dollars in expenses.  All too often, final affairs planning falls by the wayside due to procrastination, usually brought on by denial. Good intentions fail to be put into action.  Don't leave that emotional and financial burden to your loved ones when you can easily handle your affairs now.   

When the time comes to decide how to fund your Final Loving Act, you have options.  The most obvious choice is insurance.  However, insurance is not the only solution.  Age, cost, or health may put the purchase of out of reach for some.  As your advisor, I will show you other options for funding your Final Loving Act.  This may involve an annuity, trust account, prearrangement trust account or insurance, monthly increasing benefit (MIB), or a self-funding program to lock in tomorrow's needs at today's price.

Did you know?  When advertised, the average funeral cost  does not include the cost of interment.  Which can add another $2500 - $10,000 to the final expense.  Let me help you save money by finding a private seller of a cemetery plot, also known as burial rights.

I can even assist with financing.

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